Elephant Invasion! – Catch Elephant Parade 2011 in Singapore!

We’re pretty sure you’ve noticed the many stylo-milo & colourful elephants scattered all around Singapore. No, I’m not talking about live elephants (Jumanji is after all just a movie) and yes, they are almost human-sized statues placed strategically to catch your eye (& hearts).

When I saw these elephants, I thought it was just another art festival or show that Singapore’s hosting. But in truth, Elephant Parade is more than just exhibiting decorative, funky and designer-ish elephant statues for you to take pictures with or ignore (we hope you haven’t been doing that).

Anyway here’s the real deal about these elephants – Elephant Parade is a charitable enterprise that aims to help in the aid of conserving, helping and benefiting various projects and organizations that are dedicated to the conservation of the Asian elephant.

To date, Elephant Parade Singapore 2011 is exhibiting more than 160 of these elephant statues, making it one of the biggest art exhibition in Asia. That’s a lot of elephants!

Come January 2012, the elephant statues that you see will be auctioned off. If you, like me, find the elephants really cute, then you can get your own statues too (& might I add, it’s a darn good replica).

The Elephant Parade Gallery Stores at TANGS are selling elephant statue replicas in various sizes, poses, colours and designed by popular international & local celebrities and designers (like Paul Smith, Leona Lewis, Lulu Guiness, Joss Stone, Dick Lee, Sarkasi Said to name a few).

& Here’s the reason why we so love Elephant Parade Singapore 2011: Paint Your Own Elephant Workshop! (Read all about our elephant painting adventures HERE!)

On another note, if you think that going to the workshop & looking at the elephants are the only exciting things you can do at & for the Elephant Parade Singapore 2011, then you’re wrong. We’ve thought of a couple of crazy things you can do that involves the elephant statues so you can spread the word to your super friends (please note that vandalism is not 1 of them. Shame on you vandals!).

  • Go on an Elephant Amazing Race
    Break into pairs or teams (depending on how many friends are participating). Give a map of where the elephants are, allocate a duration (say 3 hours) then see which group can visit the elephants (using public transport) & take pictures with the most number of elephants in that duration.

    They’re placed all over different popular parts of Singapore; so really, on top of hunting ‘elephants’ (so to speak) you’ll be taking a tour of SG too. (click here for locations!)

  • Shoot some Elephants!
    How? Grab your friends, wear something artsy-fartsy with a theme (like weird hats), pick a popular location (like Orchard) & then go on a photo-shoot with these elephants. Pretend you’re on America’s Next Top Model & shoot away!

    You can even join in an official shoot-out event!

  • Elephant-Etch-A-Sketch – We often admire artists but what if we too, pretend to be the artists for a day?
    How? Grab some drawing material, paints or colour pencils and go crazy sketching the patterns or the elephant statues. Each elephant is different, even if they’re placed at the same spots (like Esplanade) and this would be a good time to get inspired
  • Picnic with The Elephants
    Grab a picnic mat, pick elephants that are surrounded by open spaces (like – Visitor Centre at Orchard, Botanic Gardens, Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore Art Museum, Esplanade, Fort Canning – the elephants there all look pretty lonely). Bring or buy simple picnic food and games (card games, board games, ball).

    Relax, unwind, take pictures with the elephant and just…chill! It doesn’t matter if you’re far away from the beach or if everyone’s staring. You’re having fun, you’re including the elephants and not damaging it and you can take the opportunity to tell everyone else that you dined with an elephant!

Here’s to an eleph-ellent time!

Elephant Parade Singapore 2011 is happening now ‘till January 2012. For more information, visit http://elephantparade.com/cities/singapore-2011 or https://www.facebook.com/elephantparadefan . (All pictures are taken & linked to the websites, so you can just click on a picture too!)

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