POPSPOKEN – For Your Poppin’ Dose of Pop!

What better way to keep updated with juicy celebrity & fashion news & the world of pop culture than with locally produced POPSPOKEN?

With a team made out of energiser bunnies (not literally speaking of course) who are passionate about anything pop-culture related, they cover the latest in local, international news on fashion, movies, music, entertainment and anything else associated with “hot & dangerous” (says the editor of Popspoken).

They know the need to stay on top of current pop news despite the lack of time (seeing how Singaporeans are always so ‘busy’) & they’re here to help you feed your kaypoh minds with the most newsy facts on what’s in, what’s out & what’s really going on with your favourite artistes & people!

They’ve also become the place for us to go to to get our dose of updates (whicy by the way, is really useful to start convos, to impress dates & start debates)!

We also love their cool & sleek layout and easy-to-read articles. We think you would too!

Popspoken is a pop-culture commentary blog covering the latest in local & international fashion, music, movies, entertainment news and other stuff related to the big bad world they’d like to call “hot & dangerous”.

The writing team are a bunch of energiser bunnies from Singapore Polytechnic (but not exclusive to the school!) who feed on anything pop-culture related to stay alive during dry spells of lectures. The team is currently undergoing expansion to cover more areas, so do look out for more writers joining their team soon!

If you want to say Hi to the team, drop them an e-mail at popspokensg@gmail.com, ‘like’ them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter (@popspoken)!

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